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What is this group?

This group was started as a club in the Blythe Kingdom community (which was, at the time, named Plastic Paradise). We also have a Flickr group and a Facebook group, so members can participate on any or all of those sites.

Who can participate?

This group is for Blythe enthusiasts who want to swap new (handmade and manufactured) goodies for their Blythe dolls and each other.

How do I join the group?

Join right here first, and choose where else you’d like to participate: Blythe Kingdom, Flickr, and/or Facebook. You must join at least one of these three site groups.

How do I sign up for a swap?

Sign up here and you will be assigned a swap partner. If you missed the most recent sign up, you will need to wait until the next swap sign up is posted.

What can I expect after I sign up for a swap?

You will receive an email from one of the admins. It will include:

  • your partner’s information
  • your partner’s allergy information, if any
  • your partner’s likes and dislikes
  • a reminder about the deadline to send your package

How often are new swaps posted?

We post a new swap sign-up every two months.

September (Send Deadline October 1st): Halloween
November (Send Deadline December 1st): Christmas/Holidays
January (Send Deadline February 1st): Valentine’s Day/Romantic/Hearts
March (Send Deadline April 1st): Public Poll to choose theme
May (Send Deadline June 1st): Public Poll to choose theme
July (Send Deadline August 1st): Public Poll to determine theme

What is required for each swap?

You need to join the group here, join at least one of the three other groups (Blythe Kingdom, Flickr, and/or Facebook), and sign up for the swap in which you want to participate. If you are shipping US to US, you are required to get USPS Tracking (formerly known as Delivery Confirmation). You may ship USPS Priority if you wish, but it is not required. If you are shipping international, get a receipt and keep it until you know the package has been received. You are required to post photos of the package you received, either on Flickr or Facebook.

Can I post photos of the things I sent?

Certainly! We ask that you wait until your partner has received their package (wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!).

How much do I spend on a swap package?

This is up to you and your swap partner. We suggest a limit of $20 plus postage, but you and your partner might choose to make your limit another amount that is comfortable for you both.

What if I don’t send my swap package?

If you don’t send your swap on time and you don’t let the admins know in advance, you will be asked to leave the group. You are allowed one grace late send out, as long as you have let the admins know in advance. If it happens a second time, you will be asked to leave the group. If you have had one late send out, you’ll be on notice until you have had three subsequent on time send outs.

If an emergency happens after you sign up for a swap and you are absolutely not able to participate, contact the admins as soon as possible so we can work something out. This should only happen very rarely.

What if I don’t receive my swap package?

Contact your swap partner to ask what’s going on, and contact the admins to let them know you haven’t received it. They will follow up from there.

What if I join the group and then never sign up for any swaps?

In order to keep track of everything, we limit the group to active participants only. If you haven’t participated in a swap in 6 months, we will remove you from the groups. You can rejoin at any time, but you should be prepared to sign up for the next swap to show your interest.

What kind of stuff should I include in my swap?

Newly purchased items and newly made handmade items. You should follow the theme and your partner’s likes/dislikes and allergy information. The package should be at least 90% stuff for Blythe, with around 10% stuff for your partner if you wish. You should send at least one full outfit for one of your partner’s Blythe(s). You should never include old, used, worn, or junky items, or anything that is inappropriate. Your swap package should be a gift of sorts! Many swappers wrap their swap package items to match the theme.

Examples of good things to send: a dress or other clothing for Blythe handmade by you or someone else, accessories for Blythe, cute decorative stickers, nonperishable candy, a photograph of Blythe (print or Polaroid) that you took, Blythe-inspired art made by you or someone else, Blythe-scale miniatures, etc.

Examples of things you should not send: worn or torn clothing you want to get rid of, clothing that does not fit Blythe, something pornographic in nature, a print or photograph of a Blythe that was not taken by you, sundries for dolls not in 1/6 scale, perishable food items, etc.

What if the swap package I received is used stuff, junky stuff, or something inappropriate?

Contact the admins to let them know what happened. If you can take some pictures to show what you got, that will be helpful.

 What about the discussion threads on Flickr and Facebook? Does anyone use those?

They are there if you want to use them, but not required. You will receive your partner’s likes/dislikes in your swap partner notification email, so we do not rely on the Flickr thread for this anymore.

What is the email list?

It is a list we use to email you periodic updates about the group and our activities. You don’t need to be on it if you don’t want to.

Who are the admins?

This group has had various admins over the years. For the past few years, it has been Anne and Elizabeth.

You haven’t answered my question here. What do I do?

Contact the admins and we’ll be happy to help.